Initially, we are producing two designs of MCS production tubing for stock.  Both are designed for conventional gas wells under 5,000 feet deep and producing under 50 Mcf of gas per day.  

At this time, our only experience with MCS production tubing is in vertical gas wells under 3,000 feet deep.  All were vertical conventional gas wells having liquid loading problems with gas production averaging under 30 Mcf per day over their slugging cycle.  All were at the stage where the low-cost methods to unload the wells were exhausted (shutting in the well and soap sticks), and a decision had to be made for either artificial lift or plugging.

At this time, we most recommend installation of MCS production tubing in similar type wells… vertical gas wells with liquid loading problems, especially those just proir to implementation of artificial lift and those with no water encroachment.

Those frustrated with their plunger lift operations may also have well candidates.  If you provide specific well data (depth, average Mcf and Bbl per day, shut-in bottomhole pressure and line pressure) by email, we would be happy to provide our recommendations.

Also highly recommended… many gas wells being plugged or abandoned could easily produce for another 5 to 10 years using MCS production tubing… this is what we designed our one-inch diameter MCS extrusion for, with its “maximum efficiency” 5.5 mm diameter passageways and low cost ($1.35 per foot)... we call it "The Scavenger".  For many years, not only will the well produce revenue, but the plugging expense can be postponed. 
As long as the reservoir is not being encroached with water, the available reservoir pressure should be sufficient to lift whatever original saturated liquids (vapor) that are now being produced as liquid. 

We welcome inquiries regarding custom MCS production tubing designs for other well candidates or applications.  Available potentially next year will be composite MCS extrusions that can be deployed in wells up to 9,000 feet deep and those that can support gas flowrates of 1 MMcf per day or more.

Posted prices do not include freight or spool deposit.  At this time, payment terms are 50% due before shipment, and 50% due 15 days after shipment.