MCS Production Tubing
1 1/4 - Inch Diameter

"The Workhorse"

1 1/4-inch diameter MCS production tubing is designed for gas flowrates of between 8 and 45 Mcf per day.  It has seven 7mm-diameter passageways available for flow.  To maintain steady state flow, it has a minimum velocity of ~2 feet per second.  

This design of MCS production tubing was used on the 1,930-foot pilot well (see "MCS Pilot Well" page).  When new, the
2-inch ID well produced at a maximum rate of 120 Mcf per day.  Prior to installing the MCS production tubing, it was producing ~15 Mcf per day over its 2-week slugging cycle.  

After installing the MCS production tubing, the production rate increased to 20 Mcf per day, and plateaued at 21 Mcf per day.     The velocity was calculated at 4.4 feet per second at the bottom and 11 fps at the top.  We predict that friction rates spike at about 20 fps for 7 mm-diameter MCS passageways.  

As the flowrate declines, the individual passageways can be plugged one-by-one to further extend the lifespan of the well.
In this way, the reservoir flux potential can be matched with a flow velocity that will support steady state flow at the maximum flowrate in the aggregate for the remaining passageways.

It should be noted that the combined cross section area available for flow for the seven 7mm-diameter MCS passageways was about 8% of that of the 2-inch ID tubing, and that the MCS polymer surface is about 30x more smooth vs. steel.